Preview of the Manchester United VS Brentford October 7, 2023

About the match

Hey there! So, it’s an exciting day for football fans because Manchester United is going to be facing off against Brentford right at their home turf, Old Trafford, on Saturday, October 7, 2023, kicking off at 14:00 UTC. This match is part of Round 8 in the Premier League, so you can expect some top-notch action.

Now, when it comes to lineups, we usually get a sneak peek a few days ahead of the game, but the actual lineup won’t be revealed until about an hour before the match starts.

As for the history between these teams, Manchester United has the upper hand with three wins, while Brentford managed one win, and they played to a draw once.

Now, let’s talk odds. The bookies are favoring Manchester United to win this one, giving them odds of 1.67. If you’re feeling lucky and think it might end in a draw, you could go for odds of 4.1. And if you’re a Brentford supporter with faith in an upset, they’re sitting at odds of 4.6.

So, it’s looking good for Manchester United according to the bookies. And if you want to catch all the thrilling action, you can tune in to Sky Go Germany, WOW, or Sky Sport Premier League. Enjoy the game!


Hey, guess what? There’s some buzz around Manchester United and one of their players, Antony Dos Santos. So, here’s the scoop: Antony was facing some accusations back in Brazil, but he decided to tackle them head-on in the UK. Just a couple of days ago, he voluntarily walked into a Manchester police station to set things straight. Can you believe that? He spent a good five hours there, but when he left, he had this big smile on his face, making it seem like he walked out scot-free.

Now, here’s where it gets interesting. Right after Antony left the police station, Manchester United wasted no time. They issued a statement saying Antony could get back to training with the team, and there were no problems with him being a part of training sessions or matches. This is quite different from how they handled Mason Greenwood’s situation, remember? It seems like the club is super confident that Antony didn’t do anything wrong, and all those accusations were just a bunch of hot air.

But here’s the kicker: Antony’s return to the team wasn’t just about the club’s decision. Nope, the women’s team had a say in this too! They actually gave the green light for Antony’s return. And you know what? He showed up for training today, and before the club made that official statement, John Murtough and Ella Norman had a chat with the women’s team to make sure they were cool with it. Apparently, the women’s team feels totally fine with Antony being part of the club and have no issues with him playing alongside the men.

Now, some folks are saying this shows that the club can’t make decisions on its own, and it’s the players who have the final say on who gets to join in. Remember the Mason Greenwood situation? The women’s team didn’t want him around, and it came out that Manchester United wasn’t keen on having these young talents in the club anymore.

But back to Antony, here’s the deal: his return for now is kind of temporary. It all depends on how things play out in the UK court regarding his case. But Antony and his lawyers are pretty darn sure that their documents will clear his name from all those allegations. So, if everything goes as planned, we might see Antony as a permanent fixture in Manchester United again, and apart from a short wait for the case to wrap up, there shouldn’t be any issues with him being part of the Red Devils. Exciting stuff, right?

Injured and Suspended Players

Several key players from both teams are injured or suspended, which could affect the match lineup.

  1. Tyrell Malacia: Injured, expected to be back in late October 2023.
  2. Sergio Reguilon: Suffering from a knock, and his availability is doubtful.
  3. Luke Shaw: Dealing with a muscle injury, but he should be back in a few days.
  4. Lisandro Martinez: Has a foot injury, and the return date is unknown.
  5. Kobbie Mainoo: Sidelined due to an ankle injury, expected to return in late October 2023.
  6. Donny van de Beek: Nursing a knee injury, with doubts about his availability.
  7. Aaron Wan-Bissaka: Recovering from a hamstring injury, expected to return in mid-October 2023.
  8. Shandon Baptiste: Suffered a shoulder injury, but should be back in a few days.
  9. Mikkel Damsgaard: Dealing with a groin injury, with a return expected in early November 2023.
  10. Kevin Schade: Has a hip injury, and his return is anticipated in late December 2023.
  11. Joshua Dasilva: Nursing a hamstring injury, with a return expected in early December 2023.
  12. Ben Mee: Sidelined due to a calf injury, with an expected return date in late October 2023.

Suspended Player:

  1. Ivan Toney: Suspended and unavailable for the specified period.


Manchester United has won two of their last five games and is still developing. Brentford has shown potential but needs improvement to compete in the Premier League.

head to head united vs brantford

Based on the results of these 5 games

Manchester United

mancherster 5 game

Manchester United is in better form. They have won two of their last five games, and all three of their losses have come against top teams. However, they played well in their last game against Galatasaray, losing 2-3, which shows that they have potential.

Overall, Manchester United is in a growing form and are still looking for their best combination. They need to perform better in their next games to be able to compete in the Premier League and Europe.

Based on their last five games, Manchester United can be considered a good team. They are still developing and need to perform better in their next games to be able to compete in the Premier League and Europe.


brenford 5 game

the order of the games can affect the result. For example, if a team wins a difficult game, they may be tired in their next game and not perform well. Also, if a team loses an easy game, the team’s morale may drop and they may not perform well in their next games.

In the case of Brentford, the order of the games may have a slight impact. They have played two of their last five games against bottom-table teams, which shows that they can perform well against these teams. However, they have also played two of their last five games against top-table teams, which shows that they are still trying to compete with these teams.

Overall, I think that Brentford needs to perform better in its next games to be able to compete in the Premier League. They have good potential, but they are still developing.

For bet

based on the provided information, the recommendation is to bet on Manchester United to win the match.

In my opinion, Manchester United is the best bet. They have great odds. They haven’t been playing well in their last few games, but they are coming to win today. The best option is for Manchester United to win.


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