License Videoslots in Sweden Extended

The Swedish Gaming Authority has extended the license for video slots in Sweden for another five years. The license is now valid to 2023 after an appeal.
Online casinos were originally granted a license for two years but this would allow it to only offer regulated deals to players.

The license was awarded to other countries including Denmark, Italy, Spain, Malta, and the United Kingdom.
The CEO of the Videoslots company, Alexander Stevendahl stated that the online gaming organization is dedicated to both safety and fun. They are happy to have received the five-year license grant. They put the players first and are looking forward to the growth in the Swedish gaming market.     

This is not the only gaming company in Sweden to have an extended license. The LeoVegas company received a two-year license agreement.

The Swedish gaming industry has seen some changes in the past year. There were new regulations passed for gaming and private gaming company is now allowed to apply for the license.

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